Welcome to triathlon! The new social hub for triathletes. Everyone is welcome: whether you’re a newbie or a pro, truzla aims to be the place to go meet other multi-sport enthusiasts. We want the truzla community to grow so that we can help, advise and communicate amongst like-minded people who also have the triathlon bug! Or maybe you’re thinking of trying your first triathlon for a new challenge or to get fit? If you come from a swimming, cycling or running background and want to get into triathlon we can learn from each other’s experience. All athletes are welcome. Triathletes are a friendly bunch and we hope the truzla community will reflect this. Here at truzla we love swimming, cycling and running individually or in any combination (Aquathlon, Duathlon) so please join, share and enjoy!

When you enter a race we want you to create or find a group about this race on our site. So if you have raced the course before you can advise those of us that haven’t: any tips, the terrain (any big hills!) and what to expect. If you haven’t raced the course before, groups can offer a place to ask questions and view other people’s comments, suggestions and research.

When you go to a race and get chatting to a fellow competitor we want you to be able to access truzla to find them and keep in touch.

Our forums are here for you to create your own topics about anything multi-sport related  you want  so you can discuss among like-minded individuals.

Sign up and create user friendly profiles with elements of other social network sites that will feel familiar. So, separate your life on facebook and your triathlon life and share all things triathlon with people who can’t wait to hear your latest goal or achievement!